I Still Haven’t Watched

In this moment in our world, it is possible to find out about any major event almost instantly. Thousands of people can watch an event live or see released footage in moments. On my timeline, over and over again I see shared the recently released footage of the murder of Philando Castile in Minnesota. The officer who shot him was acquitted this week of all charges.

I started writing this week as a therapeutic mechanism. Even the largest tree starts with a seed and the hope is that, like a snowball on a hill, I can regain momentum to really just feel better. To that end, I have not watched this video. I want to and I will but I cannot.

I wonder what it is like for people who are able to live in a bubble in which they remain indifferent to such acts. They think that things like this are something we should accept in the course of human events. To believe that caring about someone else’s child as blasphemy to some imaginary orthodoxy is sickening to me.

I cannot put my head in the sand. But I still haven’t watched.



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